2017 iWalk For Animals

Houston SPCA Friends

Run like someone forgot to lock the gate and join the Houston SPCA iWalk Team today!

At the Houston SPCA, we know it takes more than a bag of kibble to keep a shelter running. It takes a dedicated team of staff and volunteers to find forever homes for the thousands of abused and neglected animals who come to the Houston SPCA each year. We’re proud of the work we do here, and even more proud that we place 100 percent of our healthy animals into new homes.

Despite this impressive track record, the demand for our services keeps growing. We need your help.

Please donate to the 2017 Houston SPCA iWalk Team.  Your contributions will help us continue the many valuable services we provide each day – yup, even New Year’s Day - to homeless cats and dogs and rabbits and horses and donkeys and goats and birds and snakes. Well, you get the idea. It’s a lot of animals.

Help us, help them. Give today. Giving feels almost better than a good scratch behind the ears. We know ‘cause we give those out at the shelter, too. 

A BIG thanks for your support,

The Houston SPCA iWalk Team

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